Toka Box - A subscription box with a difference | South Asian Culture | Maple and MarigoldMy husband and I moved away from India almost two decades ago. Over the years we have spent a lot of time and effort to make sure our kids are growing up with an attachment to the land of our youth. While our frequent travels between India and Canada help maintain a deep connection, I understand that our kids attachment will be different. After all, I grew up in India and was immersed in life there till my mid-20’s.

Which brings me to my commitment-o-phobia! Yes, that is a condition; I am living proof. I have moved homes and cities and countries all my life so much that in fact that at one point my grandmother said,

“Tere paon mein chakkar hain.”
“You have wheels on your feet.”

Boy, was she right! 

Staying Culturally Connected

My parents moved cities every couple of years and every new school, home and chapter gave me a taste for travel. I became good at adapting to change and making new friends. What I became bad at though is commitment! Lifetime memberships don’t mean much when your lifetime is full of change and closed chapters. So when this subscription came up, it seemed just right for my family.Toka Box - A subscription box with a difference | South Asian Culture | Maple and Marigold

Disclaimer: I have received a free subscription of the Toka Box to review for you. The opinion and narrative as always is honest and all mine. 

Toka Box Subscription

Toka Box is a subscription box that you need if you are raising global citizens. Or if your family has a connection to South Asia, India in particular. Or if you’d just like your kids to get a peek into an interesting and culturally diverse world. Toka Box is a monthly package that’s delivered to your door and can be customized to your family’s needs.

The box usually includes a book, a craft and the history behind it. The box also comes with all the items you will need for the said craft. Interested?

For the Craftily-Challenged

If you follow my writing you KNOW I’m not a crafty person. I like easy, mess-free and as little scrambling around looking for microscopic pieces of glitter paper as possible. Been there, done that! One of the reasons I liked Toka Box is because everything comes packaged in one compact little box, including a little tube of glue. You also get the paper you need to line your table so that clean up is a breeze.

Our monthly craft was a menu board that could be made to look like a roaring lion with his mouth wide open to EAT you! My youngest loved it!

The theme of the Toka Box was Food and my kids also received a bowl made of leaves. It came with a story around using compostable material to reduce food waste, and how ancient Indian traditions are naturally environment-friendly. The box also came with recipes that I could try out with the kids.  

Toka Box - A subscription box with a difference | South Asian Culture | Maple and Marigold

 Toka Box is available to buy in the United States and recently launched in Canada. The monthly boxes are available in two sizes with prices starting from $16.50 per month: 

Toka Box Junior for ages 3-5

Toka Box Explorer for ages 5-8

We’ve tried the Explorer version for my youngest who’s 6. My older one’s 11 and I thought she wouldn’t be interested in the box. But she too gave this a thumbs up partly because the book was interesting, for her as well her little sister.  

Next month’s theme is India and my kids are excited to learn more about the country their parents used to call home.  

What I’m excited about is helping, and making a difference in the lives of others. The amazing entrepreneurs behind Toka Box are committed to donating books to a school library in India.

100 books for every 100 boxes shipped! 

How lovely is that!

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