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Attainable, Delicious Home Cooking to Help Us Feel Good and Protect the Planet

Join the Sunday Cooking Club to learn to cook delicious, good-for-you, good-for-the-planet food, learn about its connection with our physical health and mental wellbeing, and to HAVE FUN!

Together, during the 1-hr workshop we will make yummy, accessible dishes, and I will unravel the secrets of good mood foods. I will also show how through simple steps we can all use what we have and reduce our food waste. Above all, I will share ideas and tips to ease the burden of every day cooking.  

Maple and Marigold | Sunday Cooking  Club by Puneeta

Here’s What People are Saying

I absolutely love this hour of cooking. The professional approach and presentation of the teaching is superb. Engaging, fun & excellent for anyone. Every step, ingredient, spice, how to reduce waste, how to use items from your pantry etc. is all explained in great detail.

At the end of the session you leave with not only your master dish, but with more knowledge about making sustainable changes and better food choices.

I highly recommend this club!

Geeta G.

Millennial Lifestyle

I am really enjoying the Sunday Cooking Club with Puneeta at Maple and Marigold. She makes it so easy to follow along and make these fantastic foods with minimal effort.

Bonus.. these foods are also mood enhancers.
The whole class is a mood enhancer. I was afraid of cooking with sweet potatoes and voila.. the cook along helped me get over my irrational fears and I created something delicious.

Thank you Puneeta! I can’t wait for the next one.

Priyanka S.

The Sunday Cooking Club with Puneeta was such a joy to attend. It felt amazing to prep some healthy and delicious food for the week and to use flavours and ingredients that are out of my usual rotation.

Puneeta is a wealth of information and an absolute joy. I love her approach to making cooking easy but still yummy!

Sara S.

Not only was I able to get a head start on dinner but I also learned how to cook veggies PROPERLY.

Yashy M.

Parenting To Go

If you are struggling with…

…Making green choices in the kitchen.

…Getting real food on the table, that your family will enjoy

…Meal inspiration with healthy, wholesome ingredients

…Using a wide variety of warm spices but not sure where to start?

Join me at the Sunday Cooking Club where we will cook real-life, mood-boosting food and gain confidence in cooking wholesome, DELICIOUS dishes that will nourish you & your family.

Sunday Cooking Club |

Let’s Cook Together 

In this fun and interactive series of workshops you will learn:

  • To cook for everyday living using delicious, good-for-you ingredients
  • How FOOD and MOOD are intricately connected
  • Simplify the enormous task of cooking and feeding to help you and your family FEEL GOOD and LIVE WELL

Not able to cook along? Register anyway, bring your favourite cuppa and join in on the conversation.


How It Works

Puneeta - Sunday Cooking Club |

** The paid Zoom class is on a hiatus. Join me on Instagram on Sunday**

Each class is $43.

Pick your date and buy.

Or buy three classes for $99.

This is a 60 min cook-along and conversation with me, Puneeta on Zoom where I share meal prep tips, earth-savvy kitchen hacks, and tons of Good Mood Food advice. As a part of the workshop, you will receive:

  • Details, step-by-step recipe with ingredient list you need to get ready for the class – delivered via email 10 days beforehand. 
  • Zoom Event link the day before class
  • If you’re not able to attend the Sunday Cooking Club in-person, the recording of the class will be available till the following Sunday.

We start at 2 p.m. EST.

Snapshot of Cooking from Previous Classes 

Season 2 Sunday Cooking Club Schedule 

February 27 – Launch Party on Instagram. Attendance Free

March 27 – Live cooking show on Instagram. Free attendance. Mood-Boosting & Delicious Ways to Double your Veggies (Vegetable + Red Lentil Fritters). Sign up on Eventbriteto receive the recipe afterwards. 

April 24 – Live cooking show on Instagram. Free attendance. Mood-Boosting & Delicious Ways to Double your Lentils – Yellow Daal with Zucchini + Sharing my secrets of India’s favourite way to eat lentils with Tadka)

May 29 – Welcome Spring Outside (Golden Grilled Chicken + Tahini Dressing + Cabbage Greens)   

Bold flavours, mood-boosting ingredients, delicious food

Hi, I’m Puneeta!


I’m the founder of

My goal is to reach a million people and help them create positive change in their kitchen every day. How? It’s all about small, individual changes in the way we cook and eat that can collectively have BIG impact.

I am a blogger, better food advocate and Toronto mom of two. I believe food is more than fuel and that the heart of the home beats in the kitchen. My blog started out as a love letter to India and Canada. Maple represents Canada and our life here, and marigold with its colour and significance in Indian culture represents my roots in India.

In 2020, I completed a Food & Mood certificate from Deakin University in Australia. Today, through my writing and work, I help families reconnect with what they eat, reduce their food waste and live in harmony with nature.

My food (and I) have appeared on a number of national and international media platforms like CBC Life, CHCH TV, The Social on CTV, Global News, Martha Stewart and CBC Radio.

Join me as we cook using ingredients that are proven to boost our mood, and learn new techniques and habits that will help feed our body and mind, and protect the planet, all at the same time. 

Not able to cook along? Bring your favourite cuppa and your questions to the Q&A and we will chat as the food bubbles away on the stove.


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