digital collection of 27 recipes + 14 tips and ideas to help you cook better, regain control of your pantry and nourish your family.

Cook More, Eat Better, Live Well…

…and help others do the same. The How to SHOP YOUR PANTRY digital cookbook will help you come up with real-life pantry-forward meals and take your cooking up a notch, all while better managing your own pantries. 

Purchase the eBook and support a good cause while you’re at it. All proceeds from the sale of this eBook in 2020 will be donated to Second Harvest.

No Waste. No Hunger.

Second Harvest is the largest food rescue organization in Canada and global thought leader on food recovery. They have a dual mission of environmental protection and hunger relief.

Every year 58% of the food produced in Canada is either lost or wasted

This statistic is even more shocking in this climate of uncertainty when the impact of this global pandemic is being felt most severely by communities who were already living on the edge of food insecurity.

Second Harvest works relentlessly to capture surplus food before it ends up in the landfill and redistributes it to hungry families around the country.

Maple & Marigold has created this digital pantry cookbook with recipes, food ideas and tips as a way of supporting those who need our help.

Pictures Courtesy Second Harvest, Bill Leontaritis & John Packman

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As we are not a charity, Maple & Marigold is unable to provide tax receipts. If you would like to make your donation directly to Second Harvest and get a tax receipt, in lieu of receiving a copy of “How to SHOP YOUR PANTRY“, please do so here.

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Use What You Have, Nourish Your Family

2020 has been a bit of a mess so far. Despite the chaos, cooking with what we have and nourishing our families with meals they will actually eat continues to be top of mind.

Do you struggle with:

– Knowing what you have in your pantry and cooking with it?

– Coming up with real-life food ideas to feed your family?

– Having flexibility so you can better organize what you have in your own time and make choices that work for your family?

Whether you have one reason or many,
this digital cookbook is for you.

The How to SHOP YOUR PANTRY digital cookbook is championing delicious and nourishing pantry-forward cooking techniques and recipes. It has been created with love and great attention to detail and each recipe has been triple tested in my kitchen. 

This eBook will help you:

– Come up with easy and real-life dinner ideas
– Know and use what you have on hand in your pantry
– Reduce what you throw away
– Cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen
– Support a great cause

Here is a snapshot of the real food recipes that are in the book

Mac & Cheese |
Seriously Delish Quinoa Salad Recipe | Good Mood Foods | Maple and Marigold
Vegetarian Coconut Milk Curry | Maple and Marigold
Golden Salmon Patties with Oats

Get Your Copy of How to SHOP YOUR PANTRY eBook

This digital pantry cookbook contains:

– 22 pantry-forward recipes curated from  

– 5 bonus recipes exclusive to the eBook, featuring all-pantry ingredients

– 14 micro-actions to organize your pantry

– Opportunity to support a worthy cause

– Downloadable eBook after purchase

– All funds raised go towards supporting Second Harvest

*This is a 100% digital product. We are unable to refund any transactions.

Hi, I’m Puneeta!

I’m the founder of

10 years ago, I had a Sunday night routine that I was ashamed of. Every Sunday, after my kids were in bed, I would clean out the fridge and get organized for the week. You see, I prepared meals every weekend and received comfort in knowing that despite the exhausting weekly routine we could all eat at home in the evening.

Except that’s not how it turned out. On Sunday nights, I would take the nourishing, delicious meals that I had prepared for my family the previous week and throw them away. We couldn’t even make the time to sit down and eat the meals I had prepared, because of how grueling our schedule was.

In trying to balance the pressures of full-time work and growing children, I was making choices in the kitchen that just did not work. I didn’t have the know-how or the tools.

Today, I have both and I am here to share them with you.

Over years of trial and error, my kitchen habits have evolved. I have learned how important food is to our physical and mental well-being and how much we take it for granted.

That is how this digital cookbook came to be.

Through the purchase of this eBook you can better nourish yourselves and your family, and help others do the same.

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