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#4 of #1000WaystoNourish: Bring your Own Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic is consuming our planet. We see horrific images every day. Garbage pickers standing on giant mountains of plastic. Mama penguins unknowingly feeding their chicks plastic pieces that scientists know will eventually kill them. Polar bears eating garbage in northern towns in Europe and Canada. Turtles and whales suffocating on the amount of plastic there is in our oceans. We see these images and we know plastic is bad, so very bad for us and our future, but we continue to buy bottles of water by the million.

Single-use plastic bottled water sales have in fact continued to rise around the world.

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What’s holding us back?

It’s that awful ugly word that we all love so much. Convenience.

We need the convenience of bottled water, right?

Driving kids to soccer or dance? Thirsty? Here’s a couple of coins for the vending machine.

Planning a roadtrip this weekend? That case of 12 bottles looks like just what we need. It’s just 2.99 after all. We can afford it.

We can’t afford it though! The cost of that case of water isn’t just the change from our wallet, it’s the price we will be paying for generations to come. It’s the cost that our kids will be paying for the next millenia.

What Can We Do to Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles?

Stop buying bottled water. That’s it. Just stop.

Imagine there is no vending machine. Tell your brain we can’t afford that case of bottled water. Because we can’t.

Plan your day. Carry your own bottle. Rinse it out every couple of days. Keep an extra one in the car and your backpack. If you work in an office – have a pitcher of water with glasses for visitors. Install a tap or a water fountain for staff and visitors.
It’s cumbersome, I know, but there is no other choice. Our brain and our economy will eventually come up with alternatives.

Using recycled plastic for water bottles? That’s a step in the right direction but not enough companies are doing it. Share and tag @NourishbyNumbers and #1000waystoNourish on social media if you spot them in your grocery store. Let’s support the companies who are trying hard.

One last thing: if you’re thinking that the brand of water bottles that you buy are recyclable, think again! That’s next in #1000WaystoNourish

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