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Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma

Speaker, Educator 

Puneeta is a writer, better food advocate and a Toronto mom of two.

She believes food is more than fuel and that the heart of the home beats in the kitchen.

Puneeta simplifies good food and helps people navigate their way to health and enjoyment by offering practical delicious solutions to two of world’s biggest problems – our personal health (with a focus on mental wellbeing) and the health and prosperity of the planet.

Today, through her cooking demos, workshops, national TV and radio, and her digital platform of 32,000 readers and followers,  she helps families reconnect with what they eat, reduce their food waste, and make good-for-us, good-for-the-planet choices.

She and her food have been featured on a number of prominent national and international media platforms including on CHCH TV, The Social on CTV, CBC Life, Global News, BBC World News, Martha Stewart and CBC Radio.

Read more about Puneta’s backstory here.  

Puneeta speaks to parents, community groups and organizations and educates on how cooking and eating can be wholesome, reduce waste, DELICIOUS and FUN, all at the same time.

She holds in-person and virtual workshops an cooking demos that help simplify good food and the decision-making process around that. Puneeta’s practical, fun approach along with real-life tips and strategies gives participants the support they need to transform their kitchen habits. Despite busy schedules and juggling balls, Puneeta shows how individuals and families can cook and nourish themselves, their loved ones and do their part to support the environment.

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Topics of workshops include:

  • Good mood cooking; strategies and recipes to incorporate mood-boosting foods
  • Cook from scratch without spending hours in the kitchen.
  • One-pot, seasonal dishes that put the fun back in weeknight dinners
  • Indian Classics reimagined for Canadian Kitchens
  • Peel Appeal – cooking with parts of the vegetable that would normally be thrown away
  • Instant Pot Dinners; cooking with the only appliance that Puneeta uses every day
  • Sunday Cooking Club – style workshops

Description and more details available on request. Topics can be adjusted for specific needs and age ranges.

Speaking Rate: $500 +

Here’s what organizers are saying about Puneeta’s workshops

My name is Jill and I am a Girl Guide leader working with Pathfinder aged girls (12-14). The workshop we participated in was a great fit for our program as we strive to educate the girls on their impact on their community and world.  It was an eye-opening experience to learn just how much food gets wasted in the world each year. The best part of the workshop was making applesauce!  The girls prepared the simple, delicious applesauce in their own kitchens in BC while Puneeta coached them through the steps over Zoom from Ontario. It was a fun experience that the girls and Guiders thoroughly enjoyed. I would highly recommend this workshop! 

Jill N, BC

Girl Guide Leader

Here’s what people are saying about Puneeta’s workshops

I absolutely love this hour of cooking. The professional approach and presentation of the teaching is superb. Engaging, fun & excellent for anyone. Every step, ingredient, spice, how to reduce waste, how to use items from your pantry etc. is all explained in great detail.

At the end of the session you leave with not only your master dish, but with more knowledge about making sustainable changes and better food choices.

I highly recommend this club!

Geeta G.

Millennial Lifestyle

I am really enjoying the Sunday Cooking Club with Puneeta at Maple and Marigold. She makes it so easy to follow along and make these fantastic foods with minimal effort.

Bonus.. these foods are also mood enhancers.
The whole class is a mood enhancer. I was afraid of cooking with sweet potatoes and voila.. the cook along helped me get over my irrational fears and I created something delicious.

Thank you Puneeta! I can’t wait for the next one.

Priyanka S.

The Sunday Cooking Club with Puneeta was such a joy to attend. It felt amazing to prep some healthy and delicious food for the week and to use flavours and ingredients that are out of my usual rotation.

Puneeta is a wealth of information and an absolute joy. I love her approach to making cooking easy but still yummy!

Sara S.

Not only was I able to get a head start on dinner but I also learned how to cook veggies PROPERLY.

Yashy M.

Parenting To Go

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