Summer TV Time | TV Viewing habits| Netflix giveaway | Maple and MarigoldSummer vacations are around the corner and while that means lazy routines and playing outdoors for the most part, it also means more time spent in front of the TV.  My hubby and I often do movie nights with a big bowl of popcorn and watch TV together as a family.

Summer TV Time

In the past movie night meant either family-friendly Hollywood or the occasional Bollywood movie, and thankfully Netflix offers a great variety of both. Recently though we started a new trend. Binge watching shows together! It sounds crazy but bear with me for a minute.

Watching back-to back shows works really well for a number of reasons. For starters shows mean smaller capsules of TV viewing that really work for those who have a short attention span. That’s my youngest who’ll watch for a bit, and then walk away to set up her obstacle course in the living room. 

Watching TV shows also means variety. We started a while back with comedy shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and moved on to the drama of Once Upon A Time – both streaming on Netflix. If it’s just the hubby and I, along with our oldest we are pushing towards more mature shows. And sitting together is also the perfect time to tackle difficult topics of discussion. 

So recently when the show 13 Reasons Why came out and addressed teens committing suicide I wanted to see if we could watch it together as a family.Summer TV Time | TV Viewing habits| Netflix giveaway | Maple and Marigold

Reviews on Common Sense Media

If you have kids and haven’t checked out yet you’re missing out! An independent nonprofit organization, Common Sense Media has over the years helped me navigate this world of technology that our kids are immersed in 24/7. Using the unbiased reviews that the platform provides I am able to make an educated decision on the media and technology my kids are exposed to. I’m also part of the Common Sense Media Insiders group which gives me access to their research before anyone else.

Which brings me to the show 13 Reasons Why. The review on Common Sense Media states – ” Parents need to know that 13 Reasons Why is an intense, dark Netflix drama based on the popular young adult book and is definitely not a light watch or for younger kids. The disturbing story explores a troubled teen’s motivations for committing suicide, opening after the fatal event, with all appearances by deceased Hannah in the reflections of a boy who harbored a secret crush on her.” Rated 16+ on their site I was glad to see that Netflix also rates the show as TV-MA which means for Mature Audiences only. 

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and as such I receive perks to share my opinion with you. As always the narrative and opinion is honest and all mine.

As my kids are getting older I find our choices for movie night are changing and growing as well! At the same time I want the shows and movies to be age-appropriate so that I am able to have critical and timely conversations with my kids. 

My oldest often takes the lead on movie night to figure out what we will all enjoy. Usually she compares what’s available on Netflix with the reviews and ratings on Common Sense Media. Last year Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs made the cut and Inside Out got a thumbs down. “Why doesn’t Riley have more Joy, Mom?” If you haven’t watched the movie you can find out why in my review here. 

Summer TV Time TV Viewing habits| Netflix giveaway | Maple and MarigoldNETFLIX GIVEAWAY #StreamTeam

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