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It sucks to be sick! That’s what my 10 year-old says and boy, is she right! Being sick is tough whether it’s freezing cold outside or on a sunny summer day. That coupled with end-of-school year activities and catching up with work, our June just flew by! It was a tough month with sore throats, fever and upset tummies, and that’s when I knew I needed to channel my Mom! 

My mother has a holistic approach to life. Eat in moderation, sweat for a little bit everyday and do good. My grandfather, her father, was a doctor in the Indian Army and he encouraged his children to seek natural ways of healing as the first line of defense against any illness. And when that doesn’t work seek medical advice. He was a doctor after all.

That’s why in June when we were all sick and I had had enough of mopping up and switching barfing containers, I remembered what my brother and I learnt so many years ago. 

Food Is More Than Fuel 

There are benefits to eating some foods at certain times. So on a day when the body is fighting off an infection, go easy on food and stick to a liquid diet. Warm comforting soups in the winter and smoothies in the summer. The latter worked for us when it was too warm for soups and the cook (that’s me!) did not want to stand in the kitchen. With our sore throats, cool smoothies went down really well. Blended berries with some ice comforted our throats and bellies, and a few days later when our stomach felt stronger – fruit blended with yoghurt and a dash of sugar. Simple ingredients, satisfying and delicious!

Using Herbs & Spices To Heal

Research has proven time and again that certain herbs and spices have healthful benefits. Brewing ginger in tea helps with a sore throat. Adding cinnamon helps boost the immunity and fight off illness.  I grew up seeing bright yellow vegetables on the dining table because my mom knew a spoonful of turmeric helped with a number of ailments. Perhaps that’s why my brother and I had the least number of “absent from school” days. I would have been OK with more though! - Orange Naturals Ambassador

The Role Of Homeopathy and Orange Naturals

In addition to other natural ways of healing, homeopathy was always a big part of our regular health regimen. I remember getting a tincture for warts, and those sweet white golis (tablets) that my grandfather said would be the answer to all my problems – from teething to tonsils to acne.

So when recently Orange Naturals reached out and asked me to be their ambassador for their line of homeopathic medicines, I was delighted. Partly because Orange Naturals offers family-friendly, naturopathic products that are designed and manufactured in Canada by licensed Canadian naturopathic doctors but also because I was glad to share my journey towards alternative means of healing with you, my readers. Logo-I-am-orange-naturals-ambassador-Small

In  a few short months I’m already a big fan of the Cold + Cough medicine for kids. I’ve found it to be a great way to delay OTC medication, and my younger one is tolerating the taste quite well – that’s a big part of the battle for us! And for my health, last month MagPop made all the difference. A tasty and fizzy way to get the magnesium my body needed, it also contains vitamin C and electrolytes with no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours. MagPop made a perfect supplement for those crazy hot summer days when I was so sick I just wanted to lie down in a warm bed. You can also try this supplement because Orange Naturals is offering free samples of MagPop here. 

I’m looking forward to my journey as I seek more natural ways for my family to heal and recover. I’m glad you are able to join me as I try more products from Orange Naturals to see which ones are right for my family.  And yours!

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks and payment as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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