Homemade and All-Natural Cleaning solutions


Hate spring cleaning? These all natural and homemade cleaning solutions will simplify your life. And give you that fresh new feeling.

Spring is my favourite time of the year (followed closely by Fall but we’ll get to that in a few months). A fresh start, a new beginning, and of course there are the little daffodils sticking their head out of the cold ground. Sounds quite lovely, doesn’t it?

Spring is also the time that I move couch cushions and am afraid for what I’ll find underneath. This is also when I move furniture around and discover the filth that has stayed hidden during the long winter months. Sticky remote controls and switchboards, scuffed baseboards and stained couches all add to that unmistakeably musty wintry smell.

With all this grime I bet you’re curious why Spring is my favourite time of the year. It’s because I have the solution to all this stickiness. Actually, I have TWO solutions! And they are all-natural, using ingredients that you quite possibly have in your kitchen already.

For Easy Wiping and Disinfecting

Mix a pan of this magical cleaning potion, and believe me when I call it magical because it is.

You will need:

  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol
  • A few drops of Tea tree oil

Dip your sponge in this solution and wipe everywhere. From doorknobs to switchboards to cabinet handles to remote controls. For the last just make sure your sponge isn’t too wet. You don’t want to get moisture underneath the buttons because then you’ll need to get up to change the channel on the TV and who has time for that!

The rubbing alcohol disinfects and the Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial qualities. And it disguises the smell of alcohol.


For Deodorizing

Make a natural citrus cleaner using orange peels. I’m not kidding! The orange oil in the rind is a natural cleaning agent.

Take a good handful of clean orange peels and put them in a mason jar. Cover them with white vinegar. Put the lid on and leave the rinds submerged for a couple of weeks.

Shake every couple of days. Sieve the vinegar out into a spray bottle and use it like you would any other cleaning solution. I use it to clean the bathroom counters, the stove top and kitchen counters (just not granite or marble – stone may react adversely to vinegar.

The power of vinegar along with the oils in the orange peel make for a double whammy cleaning combination. The aroma is a bonus. The best benefit of all – the solution also repels ants.

Spring, I’m so ready for you!



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