Which Doll should you buy for your child? 18 in doll comparison

Growing up I wasn’t really into dolls though I did have my one absolute favourite – blonde hair with blue eyes that opened and closed. 6 year old me was in love! Today with two girls of my own our home has good mix of pink, glitter, play-doh and monster trucks in our home.  My older one likes to read and my younger one jump (yes, that is a thing) but we still have quite a collection of dolls – Barbies and babies, stuffed and posing, Groovy and carrot-top. It’s crazy that despite having bought very few of our own dolls we seem to have at least 50. So to add to the accusations of doing a lot of girl-focused articles (it’s because I have  two little women-in-making in the house) here’s another one.

Which doll should you buy? Maplelea Girl or Our Generation?

First the similarities.

They are both 18-inch dolls, well-sculpted with a pleasant face, eyes that open and close, and have the ability to “stand on their own two feet” though some balancing is required. With their slightly soft torso they both make a cuddly friend.

Maplelea Girls vs. Our Generation Dolls

Maplelea Girls are available in Canada for $99.99 through Maplelea.com. Similar to the American Girl, this Canada based company has made the doll to reflect a real 10 year-old girl. The doll’s hands can hold things, her hair is realistic and when using the right hair brush, is easy to style, even for an 8 year old.

What my older one loves most about Taryn, one of the 7 Maplelea Girls, are the details. Each comes with it’s uniquely Canadian back story;  our Taryn is from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, loves to figure skate, camping and the great outdoors. The journal, clothing and accessories are all good quality—the embroidery is detailed, the pockets are real, the seams are double, the jackets and coats are lined, the backpack and buckles real-life; overall the clothes are fashionable and durable.

What I love about it – the style and quality of the clothes, zippers, shoes. All are actually wearable and long lasting that I can see growing up with my children. The accessories are all miniature versions of good quality brands – everything fits, matches and works together

The downside – it’s a bit pricey.

Our Generation Dolls available in Canada through major toy retailers like Mastermind Toys for $34. Available in the US through Target.

Canada and US based company, Our Generation makes these dolls to reach a wide audience with it’s less-expensive prices. With it’s pleasant face and large variety of affordable accessories, this doll fits a younger age group, at least in our home.

What my 5 year old loves most about Sadie, her OG Doll are her hair and accessories. I have managed to get 3 outfits for the price of one for the Maplelea Girl. While the price is more reasonable the quality is not that great. But the price…..

What I love about it – the price of course. Also the back stories with a focus on the environment and doing some good in the world, the message is positive.

The downside – the lack of detail and the quality. The zipper gets stuck, the velcro is already peeling off. The tights were ripped easily. The boots need a whole lot of pulling and tugging to get them on. Sadly, I need to be around and involved in the play. Don’t even get me started on the hair which is thick and pretty but also unmanageable and easily tangled.

18-in Doll Comparison

We have both dolls in our home and both are well loved and favourite companions. I do find that they both have a separate place on my kids’ shelves. Buying Taryn, the Maplelea Girl was a big decision for us. We considered a number of factors as we tried to choose between dolls and to whether shell out the big $$$ or not. These are questions you need to ask yourself – how tough is your child on her toys? Is she able to properly care for the doll? The hair, clothes and the overall handling. Are you willing and able to to afford the commitment? Yes, the dolls are priced differently as are their accessories.

Our Generation dolls are perfect for those rough and tumble years when your daughter is looking for a companion to cuddle and sleep with. Maplelea Girls is the choice to make when you know your daughter has reached the stage where pretend play is still a big part of her playtime but she is able to look after her doll with the care it deserves.

Thankfully with my two girls 5 years apart I didn’t have to choose between the two and our doll collection just keeps growing.

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