We make decisions all day long, and most of mine are geared towards helping our kids lead happy, healthy lives.  Consider technology for one – it’s like a river that can help transport us if we have a boat, of course or it can flood the banks and drown us – which is how I feel about my Facebook notifications most days. But that’s a story for another day.
Managing profiles in Netflix | Safety and technology | #StreamTeam | MapleandMarigold.com
My kids are growing up and fast and their world is changing before our very eyes. Our job as parents is to help manage their reality for as long as they need us. 

Entertaining with Netflix #StreamTeam

Over the past few months Netflix has been a regular feature in our household. As the kids are getting older they are choosing their own programming and, for the most part, are making good choices. A while back when we first got our Netflix box we set up the kid’s profiles based on what we knew at that time. But recently I discovered that the profiles weren’t a good fit for my kiddos, especially not my older one. Many shows that she found interesting and were on the edge of being appropriate were actually blocked out on her Netflix profile. That’s when we did some research.

Managing Profiles on the Netflix Account

There are two ways that you manage the Netflix content in your home.

  • You can either set a 4-digit PIN that must be entered to play any TV show or movie above a selected maturity level, on any profile. This way your child will not watch content rated above their selected maturity level. It works very well if you have a number of kids accessing your Netflix and you want to be sure that mature content isn’t visible – it works for big groups of kids.
  • The other option is to set the age level for a particular profile. This will control the TV shows and movies available for that profile.Managing profiles in Netflix | Safety and technology | #StreamTeam | MapleandMarigold.com

The second option is what we do. I have two kids, 12 and 7, and keeping in mind their interests and maturity level my hubby has set us up with their ages in their profile. The thing is that when you set the profiles up on the TV you see three levels of maturity. On the laptop, you see four levels of maturity. Perfect for in-betweeners like us. This is what they look like.

  • For Little Kids only – Watch TV shows and movies suitable for all ages. Mostly G material.
  • For Older Kids and below – Watch TV shows and movies suitable for older kids. Mostly G and PG. Some PG-13.
  • For Teens and below – Watch TV shows and movies suitable for teens. All ages, PG, PG13, some TV-14 material.
  • All Maturity levels – Watch all TV shows and movies, including mature content.

Managing profiles in Netflix | Safety and technology | #StreamTeam | MapleandMarigold.comYou can follow the set-up instructions for your Netflix Account here. 

  1. Access your Account page from a web browser and select Manage Profiles.
  2. Select the profile you’d like to edit.
  3. Under Allowed TV shows and movies, select your desired maturity level of content.
  4. Select Save.
It can take a while up to 8 hours for changes to parental controls to take effect on all your devices. Log out and log back in – that seems to expedite. 
Hope this works to help you better manage your Netflix account.
Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Canada Stream Team where I receive special perks. The opinion as always is honest and all mine. 

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