A couple of weeks ago I opened an email that got me all excited. It was an invitation from Netflix Canada to join their exclusive group of bloggers called the #StreamTeam.

Now if you knew me you would know I have never, and I do not use this word lightly, never been “cool.” But opening that email on that day I felt exactly that – “cool.” Let’s see how long that lasts!

As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam I will be sharing with you my family’s journey through this world of entertainment along with cool (see that word again!) and upcoming new shows, and some old favourites. And in the midst of it all I will be also sharing with you how my kids and I are balancing our screen time with the rest of our lives. 

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and as part of this group I receive perks and compensation. The opinion as always is honest and my own. 
Netflix #StreamTeam | Maple and Marigold 

My kids were over the moon to unwrap the welcome package from Netflix. And we couldn’t wait to get started on our favourite shows. I had visions of all of us cuddling up on the couch on Saturday evenings and watching the Blue Planet – a nature documentary. But first there was the world of Marvel – at least for me. Did I say I’m a major superhero fan? Still think I’m cool?

On the Netflix #StreamTeam

So obviously the first task on the list was to set up our profiles, and the kids had the most fun with that. My oldest is happy that she can finally create her own watch list of programs and her little sister can’t mess with it. Netflix #StreamTeam | Maple and Marigold
While I’m looking forward to catching up with Jessica Jones and the Daredevil my husband has umpteen car shows already queued up on his Netflix profile. That was when I stumbled into the world of Bollywood movies. On Netflix! Growing up in India I watched the latest movies on the first Friday of its release – first day first show is what it’s called in India. Over the years after moving to Canada and two kids later that has declined to a couple of Hindi movies a year – if we’re lucky. Looking at the great variety of South Asian movies available on Netflix Canada I am excited to catch up with what’s going on in the world of Bollywood, this time along with my kids. Netflix #StreamTeam | Maple and Marigold


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