Maple and Marigold turns one | Happy Blogiversary
Hi there!

My blog, Maple and Marigold is ONE YEAR old! Can you believe it? 

It has been a journey full of ups and downs, late nights freak-outs, and mornings spent at my local coffee shop typing away furiously. There have been days I’ve spent wondering if I should go back into the corporate world that I was so comfortable in. And then there’s the weeks I’ve spent grateful for the opportunity to lead a more creative and flexible lifestyle.

A year ago I reached a fork in the road but I didn’t expect that that the path I chose would change me in this way. And when I was offered this opportunity to do something meaningful, and that gave me flexibility as a parent – how could I say no!

I want to thank you for visiting my site, and reading my articles, and sharing them with your friends and family. You have probably no idea how much your support means to me. Your comments here, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are feedback that I take very seriously.

Maple and Marigold turns one | Happy Blogiversary

Spring time happiness!

Maple and Marigold was born out of my my desire to have a voice. It is my love letter to India and Canada. Maple represents our life that my husband and I have built in Canada, and marigold with it’s colour and significance represents India, the land where I grew up.

In this one year through your support and encouragement my little blog has grown. More than a hundred articles, 7100 followers and almost 10,000 readers every month tell the story of a success way beyond my expectations.

It’s been a wonderful roller coaster of a year, and I am honoured and humbled by the people who come back to read and follow every day. 

There is more coming. More excitement. And more on how to make our lives healthy, delicious and enjoyable. I can promise you it will always be authentic, personal and straight from the heart.

Looking forward to many more years together on this journey,


Maple and Marigold turns one | Happy Blogiversary


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