Heritage RESP | MapleandMarigold.comMy husband went punting this week. No, not the kind that involves football, it’s what you do with a boat. In England. 

But let me back up a bit, I’m getting ahead of myself.

My hubby is travelling this week. Occasionally his work takes him to exotic places like this trip to Cambridge University in England. A spot of tea, please? Don’t mind if I do!

The kids and I have been keeping up with his travels via his photographs of graceful old buildings and the hundreds of years of history that surrounds Cambridge. It has been a lesson in history poring over the landscape that is so typically English, and the discussion around the architecture and the stories behind the university. Did you know it was founded in 1209 A.D? That date itself took the kids a while to comprehend!

One of the first things my 10 year-old said when she saw the pictures was, “I want to go there, Mom.” I didn’t understand fully what she meant. “We will definitely take a trip to Europe sometime”, I said absentmindedly.

“No, Mom I want to go there…..for University.” That’s when I realised what she meant – she wants to go there!

That’s my older daughter for you. She’s a planner – one of the many aspects of her personality I love. She has this ability to plan far ahead and map out the steps she needs to take next. I love that she’s already thinking of college. She is, after all, only 10. 

The first thought that popped into my head was, “We can’t afford that.”

Thankfully there’s always RESPs… and a little bit of research told me that Registered Education Savings Plans would be really useful even for higher education at an international university. There are no geographic limits on where the money can be used as long as you can prove it’s for educational purposes. The other great thing is that the RESP money can be used for much more than tuition, books, and residence. Life in England is expensive and a student could potentially even use the RESP funds to buy much-needed equipment such as a laptop or a desk. Whew! That’s another load off my mind. Heritage RESP | #YourLittleDreamer | MapleandMarigold.com

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Heritage Education Funds.

To celebrate the dreams that all young children have for their future, Heritage Education Funds has launched their #MyLittleDreamer campaign to celebrate kids who dream big, with information to help parents understand the costs related to higher education.

Heritage is kicking off the campaign with a twitter party tomorrow (Thursday, June 16th) from 9-10pm ET. If you’re active on social media be sure to join us for some great conversation and amazing prizes totaling $1200! You’ll also have the chance to tweet with special guest, well-known comedian and Heritage Ambassador, Caroline Rhea!

In addition, Heritage Education Funds is running a #MyLittleDreamer video contest from June 15th to September 15th, with over $7500 in prizes to be won, including a $5000 RESP and a $1500 iTravel2000 voucher!  Simply upload a short video of your kids sharing what they want to be when they grow up. You will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite videos; and the video with the most votes will win the grand prize at the end of the contest, but there are also prizes awarded each month for the duration of the contest. 

Good luck! 

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Heritage Education Funds.


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