15 humourous reasons I'm thankful this October | New Canadians | Thanksgiving | Maple and Marigold
With Thanksgiving coming up, gratitude is making the rounds. A new school year is well underway, and the hustle of the new routine is settling down. And Thanksgiving feels like the right time to take a breath and give thanks.

I grew up in India where Thanksgiving wasn’t really a thing! My family and I moved homes every two years. And at that time brand new friends, and new cliques didn’t feel like something to be thankful for. But acknowledging our good fortune was a tradition in our family. “Count your blessings,” my mom always insisted, and slowly it became a way of life. Even when it was a beat-up old vehicle.
Our family’s first car was an old Fiat that needed a mechanic to boost it to start – every day! I can still see my mom dressed up in an elegant saree and lime-green platform heels (it was the late 70’s after all) pushing the car along while the mechanic helped my dad start it MANUALLY – every day! I will never forget that feeling of gratitude when the car would cough once, finally and rev up!

So when my hubby and I moved to Canada and were introduced to the concept of Thanksgiving – a special day set aside just for giving thanks – it struck me as exceptional.

As a “New-ish” Canadian I remember my initial impression of the celebration was all about the food. Tables laden with delicious dishes, pumpkin themed dessert and sides, and of course turkey. Many years later, and after hosting a few Thanksgiving luncheons myself I realise my first impressions weren’t that far off.

A day of giving thanks works well when enjoyed with the company of friends and family. But acknowledging good fortune doesn’t always need a big show – it could also be the little conveniences that make us smile, even laugh.

15 humorous reasons I'm thankful this October | New Canadians | Thanksgiving | Maple and Marigold15 humorous reasons I’m grateful this Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for…the +40 deg summers because I know the -20 deg winters are just around the corner.

I’m thankful that…our Indian names are relatively simple to pronounce, and aren’t butchered by (most) people we’ve met in Canada.

I’m thankful that…if I’m in the mood for a half-caf nonfat no-foam latte I know just the place to get it.

I am thankful for…the 5 year age gap between my kids. The difference means that in another year I will have an in-house babysitter. Yay!

I’m thankful for…fall. My soul needs that last burst of colour before the trees shed it all and settle in for the long winter.

I’m thankful for…precut vegetables especially when it’s a weeknight or there’s company coming.

I’m thankful for… snow angels but when my kids lie down on the icy ground and try to make “ice angels” – that just seems sad.

15 humorous reasons I'm thankful this October | New Canadians | Thanksgiving | Maple and MarigoldI’m thankful that…after every tough uphill battle comes an easy downhill.

I’m thankful that…the kids have figured out the fastest way to put on their snowpants, jackets, hats and mitts so that they can show ME how.

I’m thankful for…cash back on my debit card. I am so relieved to have this convenience so that I can get the cash I need from the supermarket instead of making a separate trip to the ATM. 

I’m thankful for…fur lined boots. I remember our first winter in Canada when I thought I was ready for the tough weather. All I can say is every winter I’m thankful for lined boots, fur-lined boots even better. 

I’m even thankful for…winter sports. They give us us a reason to get out of the house and actually enjoy the cold.

I’m thankful for…hair dryers so my damp hair doesn’t form icicles around my head. Been there done that #newcanadianproblems #prepforwinter

I’m thankful that…spring eventually does show up whether in March or May. 

Most of all I’m thankful for the friends I made when I arrived in Canada especially those who took the time to explain why Victoria Day was called May 24 (happily, there’s a case of beer in the explanation) 

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! I’m thankful for each and every one of you!15 humorous reasons I'm thankful this October | New Canadians | Thanksgiving | Maple and Marigold

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