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It all started with the International Women’s Day last month. What started out as a single day celebrating women’s history has over the years taken over and rightfully so, the entire month of March.

Being a rabid feminist and a doting mother of two lovely future feminists, I say why should women restrain ourselves to just one month out of 12. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating great female role models every day, every month of the year. And there’s always time to learn and read and watch stories about inspiring female role models.

Recently Netflix reached out to invite me join their #StreamTeam. As a member of this group of bloggers I get perks and compensation for sharing with you my honest opinion about Netflix and it’s offerings.

Create Your Netflix Watch List

With Easter break around the corner I have started to build out our family’s Netflix watch list. It’s time to reinstate family movie night, a tradition that we started during the winter beak. My older one is 11 and my youngest 6 with largely opposite tastes. This means family movie night can be fraught with conflict. What we do agree on is strong story lines and family friendly fun. I’m excited to see the options as I look through the menu of movies available on Netflix Canada. 

What’s on my family’s Netflix Watch List

For the 6-10 age group

The Princess and The Frog

Disney’s first movie to feature an African-American heroine, this story is about Tiana, a resourceful young girl who dreams of one day opening a stylish restaurant in New Orleans. Predictably enough, her dreams take a detour when she is kissed by a frog, and turned into a frog herself. Tiana’s story is one of ambition and hard work and she’s one of the first Disney heroines who doesn’t have to be rescued by a man. 

Ella Enchanted

Based on a Newbery Honour book, this movie is a modern retelling of Cinderella’s story. The heroine Ella is burdened by the gift of obedience and she spends much of the movie seeking a way out of the spell. This is a fairy tale with a happy ending, and while much of the story is different from it’s source material it is still quite fun to see Ella fight and think her way out of trouble. 

Inside Out

This Disney/ Pixar movie is about a girl, Riley, and her emotions. The happy, carefree 11-year old girl moves with her family from a small town in the United States to big city San Francisco. Slowly we see her negative emotions take control and the child who was previously ruled by Joy grows into a hesitant, angry person.  And the parents don’t know how to help her. If you have a tween in the house you know what I’m talking about. This movie has some great conversations to have with your kids. 


One of my all-time favourite Disney movies, Tangled is the story of Rapunzel, the princess with miles of long, blonde hair trapped in a tower. Except that unlike most other princess tales, this one doesn’t revolve being rescued by a Prince. Rapunzel in fact is quite capable of looking after herself and proves that many times during this fun and light-hearted movie. 

And since no good movie night is complete without a bowl of popcorn, here’s some just for you. Click on the arrow for poppin’ – just for you!


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