DIY Teacher Gifts in under 10 minutes | Kids craft ideasI can’t believe it’s almost time for the end of the school year. A part of me is looking forward to the welcome break from making lunches, snacks and the morning hustle. And the long summer days and even longer bright nights. Teachers are heaving a sigh of relief too. Theirs is a stressful job with the amazing work they do addressing a range of abilities and behaviour all in one group of kids, in the same room. I have trouble talking to my 10 year old and my 5 year old at the same time, and it’s just the two of them. Homemade DIY teacher gifts are a great way to express appreciation for your favourite teacher especially if it’s something they can proudly display on their desk the rest of the year. And if you can do it in less than 10 minutes then it’s win, win!

The key though is preparation. Make a list of the teachers and what you’ll need and shop for supplies. Get everything ready and lay out some newspapers to capture the mess. I try and do this outdoors as much as possible then the clean-up is a breeze!DIY Teacher Gifts in under 10 minutes | Kids craft ideas

DIY Decorative filled vases

You will need:
Air-Dry Clay – I usually use Crayola 
Decorative vases – Jars with a small mouth will also work.
Decorative sand
Different colours of glitter
Permanent marker to write your name
Steady hands


  • Decide how you want the layers to look. My 9 year old wanted very clear, well-defined layers while my 4 year old had to be stopped from shaking it all together.
  • Use the funnel for the sand and start pouring.
  • There will be settling so make your top layer wider than you think you’ll need.
  • Plug the top with the clay and cover it with glitter. Let it dry overnight
  • Write your name and your teacher’s on the bottom.
  • DIY Teacher Gifts in under 10 minutes | Kids craft ideasDIY Stars and Trees

    My kids made these as ornaments for their teachers before the Christmas holidays. The stars make great end-of year presents too. 

    You will need:
    Air-Dry Clay
    Favourite shaped-cookie cutters
    Glitter – as many colours as you can tolerate
    A toothpick


  • Roll out the clay into pancakes slightly bigger than the cookie cutter.
  • Cut the clay into fun shapes that you think your teacher will like.
  • Roll the shapes into the glitter, remember to get the edges. We glittered up only one side to be able to write on the reverse.
  • If you’re making Christmas ornaments then use a toothpick to make a hole large enough to run a string through.
  • Let dry over night. Then write your message on the other side. Don’t forget your name!
  • Handy tips to surviving an afternoon of craft

    • If you have more than one child working the clay and glitter, it may take you a little longer than 10 minutes. Many hands do not make light work in this case. Have them sit across from each other to prevent knocking elbows.
    • Set up separate stations for clay, filling, glitter and drying.
    • Keep glitter colours separate because it WILL get mixed up.
    • Buy supplies that you can use again and again for different activities.
    • I like Elmer Glitter because it comes in easy-to-dispense containers and the particles seem to be of a slightly larger size and easier to pick up.
    • The Crayola Air-Dry clay is my favourite – it comes in a giant container that usually lasts me the entire year and I can use it for the different crafts during the year. If you like the clay coloured use a drop of food colouring.

    DIY Teacher's Gifts In Under 10 Minutes | Kids Activities | Kids craft ideas

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