Shop Your Pantry Challenge

Are you looking for ideas for dinner tonight?

Do you struggle with:

Knowing what you already have in your pantry?

Using and cooking with what you have?

Coming up with meal ideas to nourish your family that your kids will ACTUALLY EAT?

Making use of that giant bag of beans that you bought last year with all the best intentions?


Whether you have one reason or many,
this 14-day pantry challenge is for you.

The Shop Your Pantry Challenge will help you make real food using what you already have, organize your pantry, AND put a stop to the daily meal struggle.

Every day, I will share food ideas and simple recipes that you can recreate in your own home to feed and nourish your family. The recipes are based on commonly-available pantry ingredients. Yes, we did the research!

The goal is to eat what you have in your pantry,
fridge, or freezer for the next 14 days.

In the meantime, you’ll save money, kick your creative cooking up a notch, and be inspired by a community of other home cooks doing the same thing!

Here are just a few of the real food recipes that will be delivered right to your inbox.

Easy coconut curry | Quick and easy weeknight meals | Comfort food | Cauliflower and Corn Coconut Curry

New Dates To be Announced

As a part of this challenge you will receive:

Daily emails with 3 recipes for a specific pantry ingredient,
and 1 small ACTION to help you organize your pantry little by little each day.

Access to our private Facebook group, a safe space to share your pantry progress and
ask for help with modifications for your ingredients. And more.

Let’s get together to use what we already have, cook more at home , organize our pantries and nourish ourselves and our families.


Hi, I’m Puneeta!

10 years ago, I had a Sunday night routine that I was ashamed of. Every Sunday, after my kids were in bed, I would clean out the fridge and get organized for the week. You see, I prepared meals every weekend and received comfort in knowing that despite the exhausting weekly routine we could all eat at home in the evening.

Except that’s not how it turned out.

Instead, on Sunday nights, I would take the nourishing delicious meals that I had prepared for my family the previous week and throw them away. We couldn’t even make the time to sit down and eat the prepared meals, because of how gruelling our schedule was.

I remember crying and feeling helpless when I emptied the containers out week after week. I wanted to do better but I didn’t see a way out.

Step by step, I went back to remember what I had learned in my childhood home – to eat at home, prioritize family meals, and waste as little as possible.

Over the years my pantry habits have changed. What used to be fully stocked but seeing very little use has evolved. Today I keep on hand whole foods, canned goods and staples, dried herbs and spices, all that I can use to whip up a healthy, yummy meal that my family will actually eat!

Join me as we help each other cook from what we already have and nourish ourselves and our families. 

Join us from September 12 – 25

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