Better Food Movement



Why join the Better Food Movement Community?

Are you craving to cook good food…..with ease?
Are you yearning to switch out the same-old kitchen routine and try something…
Are you seeking ways to be more earth-savvy in the kitchen….and are looking for support?

Become a member of Maple + Marigold’s Better Food Movement Community

Participating in this community will inspire you to cook more at home, reduce what you throw away and come up with delicious, real-life meal ideas that nourish you and your loved ones.


Here is what you can expect in the Better Food Movement Community

Regular Community time with me, Puneeta, to ask all those burning questions.

  • Regular Community time with me, Puneeta, to ask all those burning questions that will make the time spent in the kitchen easy and enjoyable. What’s a good mood food? Can I add turmeric to mashed potatoes? What kind of ghee is best? How can I cook broccoli stems?
  • Twice a month newsletters packed with secret recipes + insider tips
  • Exclusive access to my “behind-the-scenes” recipe development
  • Opportunities to share your own experiences, tips + recipes
  • Personal invitations to private events + interviews
  • Special discounts for the Sunday Cooking Club
  • Lifetime access to my “free” gifts
  • Special discounts for my upcoming cookbooks and products


    Join the Better Food Movement Community

    We will send you monthly news with tasty recipes, health-boosting foods, sustainable swaps and tips to live well.