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I love winter. Before you think I’m crazy hear me out! There’s Christmas at the start and then comes the joy of snow. Sledding with the kids and rolling down a hill covered with the fluffy white stuff is fun indeed. I promise! Unfortunately, winter also brings in snot and sneezing and coughing and congestion. That part’s no fun at all. Orange Peel tea is a natural decongestant and a great way to boost my family’s immunity. 

Benefits of Orange Peel 

Oranges have long been considered one of the healthiest fruits. So when you consider that the peel of the orange is the healthiest part of the fruit, you know that’s saying a lot.

There’s proven research around the effectiveness of orange peels in boosting metabolism and immunity. A quick search on Google and you’ll find how effective orange peels have been found as a natural decongestant, in clearing lungs and phlegm and in also reducing allergy-causing histamine. And even if you don’t give any credence to orange peel’s health-boosting properties, they come full of nutrients and antioxidants. These help our bodies perform and look better, and for far longer. 

And then there’s my mom. She says orange peels are healthy and you know what that means. I will brew myself orange peel tea whenever I’m sick! 

Orange Peel Tea - Perfect for Colds and Flus | Natural Remedies | Healthy Living | Cold and flu remedies | Maple and Marigold
How To Use Orange Peels

There are different ways to brew orange peels in tea – diced and dried or fresh and steeped. I prefer the latter because the tea ends up more flavourful and fragrant, and feels really comforting on a cold winter’s day.

One caveat though – oranges are high on the list in pesticide use. So wash the fruit before starting. 

Thanks to it’s aromatic taste, orange peels have a wide range of use in the kitchen. From marmalade to my ultimate grilled chicken recipe to cakes and cookies, they even form a big part of my natural cleaning routine around the house

The other spice that has a big role to play in my kitchen is cinnamon. As it turns out the health benefits of cinnamon and it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are a great complement for orange peel.  How to use orange peel to make a tea | natural remedy for colds and flus | Maple and Marigold

How to Make Orange Peel Tea

Makes 2-3 cups 

  1. Peel oranges enough to have a big handful of orange peels.
  2. Put a litre of water on the stove and add the peels in. 
  3. Add in a few cinnamon sticks.
  4. Boil once. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes to let the flavours and orange oils steep.
  5. Serve with a squeeze of honey. 


  • You can add the orange peel tea in your cuppa regular black or green tea. 
  • Add a piece of ginger while the tea is brewing. Ginger adds a spicy flavour that goes very well with the sweetness of orange and cinnamon, and of course, the health benefits of ginger are an amazing addition.