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About Maple + Marigold

Maple and Marigold started back in 2016 as a love letter. Maple represents Canada, my current home in Toronto and our lives today. Marigold refers to India, the colourful land of my youth and the traditions I learned in my childhood.

Today, I welcome you to join me on my journey as I explore life with big flavours and bright colours. Here I share Canada-grown foods and culture with my very own Indian flair. I also share how abundant, enjoyable living can be real, sustainable and everyday.

Come into my kitchen where I use real food, whole spices, fresh herbs along with cooking techniques that add the aroma and flavour of India into my daily life in Canada. You’ll also discover that food is so much more than fuel. Good food fills us up and tastes good, yes, but what we eat and how we cook can also be good for the planet.

I use whole spices that boost my family’s immunity, along with other ingredients that are good for our physical and mental health.

Through all my creative and culinary exploits, I’ve perfected how to do dinner in 22 minutes because when my kids were little that’s how long it took them to watch one episode of Dora. Vamonos!

I love whole, real foods but I also love shortcuts that allow me to spend my time outdoors on adventures with my kiddos. I’d rather be out walking in my backyard or through my neighbourhood with a hot cuppa in my reusable mug than standing at my kitchen counter.

You’ll learn quickly that I waste very little in my kitchen. 58% of the food grown and produced in Canada is thrown away, so I try very hard not to add to that scary statistic.  That means I look for ways to reduce our food waste and often share those experiments with you. And when my kiddos eat what I make with broccoli stems and carrot tops and unpeeled potatoes, I know my small step made a big difference.

I’m on a mission to help families like mine cook more at home, reduce what they throw and build an abundant, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. 

Puneeta } Better Food Advocate | Maple and Marigold

About Our Founder, Puneeta

Puneeta is a writer, better food advocate and a Toronto mom of two. She believes food is more than fuel and that the heart of the home beats in the kitchen. Her blog started out as a love letter to India and Canada. Maple represents Canada and her life here, and marigold with its colour and significance in Indian culture represents her roots in India. In 2020, Puneeta completed a Food and Mood program from Deakin University in Australia. Today, through her writing, videos and media appearances, she helps families reconnect with what they eat, reduce their food waste, and live in harmony with nature. 

Puneeta has been featured as an expert on sustainable living, traditional Indian food with a Canadian twist, and Indian culture and celebrations by a number of national and international media platforms such as CBC Life, CHCH TV, The Social on CTV, Global News, Martha Stewart and CBC Radio.

Puneeta is also leading a grassroots initiative called Nourish by Numbers dedicated to educating people and engaging conversations around sustainability.

She holds a Masters Degree in Tourism and Marketing from India.

Puneeta loves using turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties and so the most unexpected dish on her table (golden mashed potatoes, anyone?) may be the signature yellow colour.

She never leaves home without her reusable coffee cup. She has one stashed away in her purse and the car. There’s even a foldable one that her kids gave her for Mother’s Day last year that’s hiding out in her laptop bag.

Puneeta loves walking outdoors and exploring the diverse neighbourhoods of Toronto, but there was a time when she lived on the rapids and dreamed of being a white water rafting guide.

What I am writing about

Real Food

Real food recipes made using whole ingredients with big flavour, fresh herbs and health-boosting spices.

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Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is about actions, swaps, and ways you and your family can live in harmony with nature.

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Natural Health

Natural health recipes and ways to use whole spices, other foods, and nature to heal our bodies and brains of illness and inflammation.

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Exploring Cultures

Exploring various cultures and nostalgic Indian cooking and traditions that come together in Canada, local Canadian-produced food, and nostalgic ethnic food.

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Indian Culture + Celebrations

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