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Hello and welcome! 

I’m Puneeta, a food writer and better food advocate and I offer practical, delicious solutions to individuals and families to improve not only our personal health but also the health and prosperity of the planet. My work is inspired by scientific evidence around food and its connection with climate change, Food & Mood research, along with my own personal research of how the food that tastes good and is good for us as individuals is also good for the planet. What a delightful coincidence, right?

But navigating this landscape and being weighed down by everyday decision-making around “good food” can be hard. I make it easy to shift kitchen habits with my recipes, strategies, and tips that help people cook more, use what they have, feel good, and live well., my blog, started as a love letter to India and Canada. Maple represents Canada and my life here. Marigold, with its colour and significance in Indian culture, represents my roots in India. What started as a blog on culture and family has evolved into a mission: to help create positive change in our kitchen and homes and in how we feel, and to make cooking and eating delicious and fun. 

My goal is to help a million++ people make easy-to-implement, good-for-us, good-for-the-planet changes in cooking and eating. The potential for personal and collective impact is enormous. 

Thank you for visiting my digital home and inviting me into your real one. I’m looking forward to cooking with you! 

 With gratitude and optimism,



Let’s Cook Together

The Sunday Cooking Club |

What we put on our plate feeds our body, the brain and impacts the health and prosperity of the planet Join the Sunday Cooking Club to learn about how our choices at dinner time can help us cook better, use what we have and make dinner time simple, delicious and fun! During this 1-hr virtual workshop we will cook with good mood foods, and create real-life, DELICIOUS dishes. I will also share some of my favourite kitchen tips and earth-savvy hacks to help you make sustainable choices in the kitchen and nourish yourselves and your family.

Going Grocery Shopping?

Is there a magic formula to food that tastes good and is good for your physical health and mental wellbeing? Here is my go-to list of Top 40 Good Mood Foods. Submit your email below to receive the list!

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    Top 40 Good Mood Foods |

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    Soul-Satisfying, Mood-Boosting Foods on TV

    Feeling blue lately? Good mood foods are a great way to cope when you’re feeling down. Puneeta was on CTV’s The Social recently to share her strategies of cooking with mood-boosting foods.

    Watch the Segment here

    Recipes featured:

    Barley Pulao

    Yoghurt + Sesame dressing

    Maple and Marigold on CTV's The Social

    The Blog

    Fighting Food Waste & Having Impact 

    In 2020, Puneeta released the How to SHOP YOUR PANTRY digital cookbook. What started out as a simple pantry challenge during the early months of the pandemic rapidly became a 48-page collection of pantry-forward recipes and pantry tips designed to help people reduce food waste and raise funds to support their community. 

    Through the eBook, Puneeta is helping readers cook more at home, reduce what they throw away and improve the dire problem of food scarcity and hunger.

    This fund-raising endeavour has so far donated $2400 to Second Harvest, Canada’s foremost food rescue organization.  

    If you missed out on buying your copy of How to SHOP YOUR PANTRY, look out for the 2nd edition coming up soon. 

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    Puneeta on CTV News at 6 talking about eBook, How to SHOP YOUR PANTRY