Who says Christmas is just for kids? 5 grownup holiday classics on Netflix Canada

5 Holiday classics on Neflix Canada | Maple and Marigold Christmas is my favourite time of year! Christmas is also my busiest time of year. From events at the girls’ school and after-school activities to dinner obligations… and don’t even get me started on the food, decorations, buying gifts and then wrapping them! Really, it’s hard to get in the holiday spirit when I’m falling into bed exhausted every night.

We moms do so much to put together the perfect family holiday for the little ones but who says Christmas is just for kids?

 If you’re like me and need to take a time-out and have some quality couch and popcorn time after the kids have gone to bed, here are 5 holiday classics on Netflix to get you feeling the joy of the season without one animated character in sight.5 Holiday classics on Neflix Canada | Maple and Marigold

 Love Actually

 This one is a no-brainer. Who doesn’t love that moment when she opens the door and he’s standing there, with the cards? It’s heartwarming, a little bit cheesy and festive as can be. Plus, extra points for having a little reality thrown in – messy marriages, bumpy families and a Christmas festival with the weirdest characters out there. Was there an octopus along with the three wise men at the time of Jesus birth? You’ll have to watch Love Actually to find out.

 Office Christmas Party

 Now that I work from home, real-life office Christmas parties are a distant memory. While I still remember a few moments that make me shake my head to this day, I still get a kick out of watching this story unfold as things go from ok to bad to worse to “you’ve got to be kidding me”. Mindless fun, the fast-paced story along with a diverse cast totally gets my double thumbs up.


This one is an old one but it’s still worth a watch. Dicken’s A Christmas Carol gets a Bill Murray makeover and it’s so good. It’s particularly good on a night when you’ve spent time jostling through the mall and had a few choice encounters with not-so-jolly shoppers that have left you feeling bah-humbugish.

Four Christmases

Here’s one for all of us who know what it’s like to have to run from one family or friend engagement to another to fulfil all our holiday obligations. It’s like Diwali time all over again, except that it’s a month later, with less fireworks and more presents. This movie will make you happy you’re curled up by your tree, sipping mulled wine after a crazy, busy day. 

 The Night Before

Finally, if you’re thinking back to simpler times, before marriage and kids when you were free to just hang out with friends and not really have any holiday responsibilities, this is a must watch. This movie is like The Hangover meets the holidays and insanity ensues. Just make sure you watch this one on your own profile – this movie is def adults only.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Canada Stream Team where I receive special perks. The opinion as always is honest and all mine. 

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