January so far has been a tough month. We were all sick over the holidays so when we rang in the new year things could only get better, right?!

That hasn’t happened yet but I am hopeful. In the meanwhile, what *has* helped us is cuddling together on the couch watching TV as a family. There is no other bonding exercise better than sneezing and coughing, passing boxes of Kleenex to each other. I highly recommend it!!

3 Family-Friendly Netflix Shows | Family-Friendly TV | Maple and Marigold

My kids are almost 5 years apart with diverging tastes. When my oldest was pretending to be Elsa, my younger one was trying to find her walking feet. When my youngest was building a ship to sail like Moana, my oldest was already hooked onto Jake Peralta at the Brooklyn 99. Common ground on the screen has been scarce.

Recently though with the variety available on Netflix, we have found balance.

Family-Friendly Netflix Shows

Here are 3 family-friendly shows that we are looking forward to catching up on. The criteria for selection – the shows have to be interesting and appropriate for all four family members. A tough call for ages 7-47.

3 Family-Friendly Netflix Shows | Family-Friendly TV | Maple and Marigold

Our kitty relaxing on the possibly snot-covered couch

Coming in first is The Big Family Cooking Showdown. This is a British family cooking show where members of the family have to cook and wow the judges with meals they’ve prepared. I first came across this show at CommonSense Media.org where this show is recommended for family viewing. “The series emphasizes family camaraderie, creativity, and diverse cultural inspiration in meal preparation, but its main focus is promoting cooking as a whole family activity.” I have been bringing the kids into the kitchen and cooking with them, and this show is helping me do just that. Add it to your Netflix watchlist, it’s a good one.

Coming in at second place is the Good Witch. Yup, the same one that we grew up on. In a new avatar.
Good Witch is a family drama appropriate for all ages. The lead actress is Catherine Bell – do you remember the 90’s show JAG? She played the cool army lawyer. The show is full of compassion, examples of kids (and adults) being responsible and offering empathy for others who are goong through a difficult time. There is also some teen angst and trying to fit in with peers, all great conversation starters.

Coming in at third, and voted in becasue I hold executive power in the family, at least as far as TV viewing is concerned, is the new show Llama Llama. It has launched on Netflix just this week (January 26th) and I’m looking forward to it. It’s based on a series of rhyming children’s books about a Llama and his Mama. My husband and I have spent hours reading about the little llama and his red pajama to our kiddos when they were little. Even now my almost-teenager remembers the rhymes fondly. I’m hoping this new Netflix show will remind us to savour the fleeting family moments.  Thankfully, Ludacris is on hand to make the little Llama cool again.

3 Family-Friendly Netflix Shows | Family-Friendly TV | Maple and Marigold

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Canada Stream Team where I receive special perks. The opinion as always is honest and all mine. 

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